“A girl should …


“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.”

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Life is simple but not complicated. There is setback and can’t turn back the time. Whatever it is, still have to change for good. You can’t go back to the past life. Now is future. Think ahead not think far. Don’t take life as granted.

[INFO] {AS: Orange Caramel} 140218 Orange Caramel reveal their comeback with a teaser image for 3rd single ‘Catallena’

Pledis A-Class

After School ‘s official Facebook uploaded a new image to reveal that sub-unit Orange Caramel will be making a comeback!

The teaser image reveals that the girls will be returning with a third single called ‘Catallena.’ The Facebook post says, “Comeback!  ORANGE CARAMEL!  What is ‘Catallena’?”  What is it, indeed?

It seems like the girls will be going for their normal funky concept as the one leg sticking out behind the wall is covered in polka dots from the skirt and stockings to the shoes!  Perhaps there might be a subtle retro vibe, as well, since that appears to be the trend these days.

Stay tuned for more updates on Orange Caramel’s comeback!

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140219 Orange Caramel reveal another teaser image for 3rd single ‘Catallena’

Orange Caramel have released another teaser image for their third single ‘Catallena‘!

The previous image showed a leg and part…

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I am finally back on  wordpress. i am not sure what to post. Well, let me think. It is 2014 now. Hope things will not go back to where it is.

have a great start ahead. Let’s hope everything will be fine.

P.S: i know is too short. As it is best to have it short and simple.

Review: Rainbow syndrome


Rainbow syndrome is rainbow first album.After one year and seven months, they release this album. I like the track tell me tell me cause it is catchy. I have yet to listen the rest of tracks. Definitely will listen to the rest of the tracks soon. Also will support them as well cause now they are one of my favorite group.